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How useful daily consumption of dark chocolate?

So my dear lovers of sweet and tasty, will look for a start - what is real quality dark chocolate.\r\n\r\PPO traditions chocolatier - dark chocolate is cocoa butter, low sugar(sugar) to 70 % (by weight) cacao mass. \r\n\r\pcak times in grated cocoa and is all good if the damage to the body .\r\n\r\pastas cocoa: fat 54%, protein 12%, starch is about 7 %, tannin - 6%, water 5%; caffeine 0,2% etc.\r\n\r\poleznye Substances contained in cacao are magnesium, potassium is good for the heart and nervous system, CA, P - bones and our mental abilities, Vitamin , Vitamin E antioxidant neutralizes free radicals, Iron (Fe) - prevents anemia and anemia. And Na, PP, flavonoids, fiber, thiamin, etc.\r\n\r\palesa from dark chocolate :\r\n\r\n\r\poroso affects the heart,\r\prevention of stroke and heart attack.\rzamedlyaet the aging process,\r\poluchaet memory,\r\pomogaet varicose veins , IRR\r\pomogaet with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Hypertension, due to the fact that it prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques and blood clots.\rukreplyaet vascular system,\r\uluchshaet blood flow,\r\povyshaet the immune system,\r\vosstanavlivaet power after physical and mental stress,\r\oblegchaet symptoms and pain in women before menstruation,\r\pcmagcom the throat, cure the cough,\r\posny antidepressant\r\otlichny source of energy.,\r\PA also prevents the formation of ulcers and degeneration of the cancer cells.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\PNU and of course, improves mood , as he begins to produced in the body "serotonin" the hormone of pleasure and happiness. A happy man is a good man, so healthy.
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