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How to get points on the Ozone?

Program bonus points at the Ozone at one time were very extensive. Constantly in the newsletter sent the code words to gain score. Moreover, restrictions on the use of it was not. I had accumulated more than 1000 and purchases are made with a nice profit.\r\n\r\Fri.e. the main rule of getting points and promotions - subscribe to newsletter. Well, reading letters, respectively.\r\n\r\PC unfortunately, the policy of the store from the 1st of January 2019 has changed. Prices were lower and shipping is not free even to the point of self for a large sum. I walked away from the Ozone and are looking for products in other places, as purchase is on a par with delivery.\r but the code is still one left. Not even 2. First you will receive at check account promo code for a friend (250 points).\r\n\r\vtoroy 500 points if you give your code to a friend, who is also the first time it registers.
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