What is benzoic acid? Why add in products? What is the action?

Benzoic acid is the simplest aromatic acid in which the acid group COOH attached to the benzene ring. Here is the formula: Benzoic acid is a colorless needle-like crystals, which when heated readily vozgonaetsa. In this way it is easy to clean from impurities. Known benzoic acid for almost 500 years. Get benzoic acid (industry) oxidation of toluene with oxygen at elevated temperature and in the presence of a catalyst: С6Н5СН3 + O2 → С6Н5СООН + H2O. Benzoic acid is poorly soluble in water and weak solution has a bactericidal action. So Betina acid and its soluble salts is a dietary Supplement E210, E211, E212, E213. It suppresses the proliferation of certain bacteria and mold and yeast. Benzoic acid is found in cranberries and cranberries, to which it is a natural preservative. So these berries are not moldy.
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