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In what year in Russia the death rate exceeded the birth rate?

I think if you take the Last 100 years, many people remember and know about the Great Patriotic war in the Soviet Union (1941 - 1945 ) , and so , in this war, according to declassified archives of the USSR (Gosplan) killed about 42 million Soviet citizens .\r\n\r\pesli to take the years with each new year of war who died naturally became more and more from year to year, and also have information about the missing 5.5 million lives , of which 4.5 million is captured.\r\n\r\pitak, the population of the USSR in 1941 was 196 million 700 thousand people, to the end of the war , i.e. in 1945, the population of the USSR was 171 million. But these data were very exaggerated.\r\n\r\prodejnosti in the country then accounted for about 17 million 100 thousand people approximately.\r\n\r\Ptak that the answer will be since 1941 (if percent , the birth rate in 1941 was 28, 9 %, and mortality 39, 3%, whereas in 1942 the birth rate was 20 %, mortality 54%)
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