Why in Novosibirsk, despite the harsh climate, more than a million inhabitants?

Yes, Novosibirska has long been more than a million inhabitants, the population reached in 2018, 1 million 613 thousand inhabitants! It is the third largest city by population in the Russian Federation of 1113 cities, second on this indicator only to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Since 2009, the population of the city has a sustainable growth trend and increased from 1 million 397 thousand residents of nine years on 215 thousand people, very good growth for the freezing Siberian city! Russian account for 93 percent of the total population of the city, and to frost they are not used to. Novosibirsk provincial city is difficult to call, in fact, is the third Eastern capital of our state, the capital of the Federal district, the administrative center of a large region, a major industrial and cultural center of Siberia and all of Russia, situated in Novosibirsk Siberian branch of Sciences (RAS), to enumerate the value of this remarkable metropolis can be long. He attracts people to him and provides them with a better life than the surrounding area, and frost is not a hindrance, in the summer in Novosibirsk is and heat.
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