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Why in the excitement of the Palmar surface of the brush be wet (see)?

This is because in the animal world, excitement, anxiety, often require some kind of action. In monkeys, for example, such action is to quickly climb a tree. It is clear already that if your palms are dry (or too wet), then the palm of your hand can slip on the branch and not immediately be able to climb a tree. Those who have palms did not sweat, was eaten by the more agile predators. Thus, evolution has selected those who have palms were sweating in moderation and survived, those who have developed an unconditional instinct to slightly moisten the palm sweat glands in a moment of excitement. The main thing in time to assess the degree of danger. Well, nothing to sweat once again. \r\n\r\PA since man evolved from apes, and indeed, people are still the same animal, this instinct, like many other instincts, people have continues to work.\r\n\r\nP.S. By the way, many of us before you take something heavy, moisten the palm of your hand. \r\n\r\n"he spat on the palm of your hand, Ivan grunted slightly and firmly grasping a heavy beam, and tore it from the earth."
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