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How to stop overeating without depriving yourself of delicious, favorite food?

Before eating , you need to drink a few glasses of water and wait a half hour or so you will be able to eat less because the stomach will be already filled with water. Even as an option , prepare a plate of vegetables a light salad without mayonnaise of course ,firing a lemon and not even salt .Here You see two plates of Your favorite food and salad . Look at your favorite food , but in the beginning should eat a spoonful of salad, then a spoonful of your favorite food . Over time, it becomes a habit . About 15 years ago I forbade myself to drink coffee with sugar , a surprised but sugar for me now means nothing . There can be everything , but not large portions . If this is difficult , then you need to fill the stomach than be not high-calorie and useful to avoid to eat larger quantities of junk food .
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