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Why are Russian citizens do not receive payments from oil and gas revenues?

I think the arguments about the fact that we here in Russia too much (quote from the response of the Lens), sucked from the finger. First, one in about 30 times more (to compare: an estimated 150 million people in Russia and even less than 147, and 5 million people in Norway - the difference is not even 100 or 50 times, less than 30!!!), they agreed to get the rent up to 30 times less than in other oil-rich country, but after all speech about that close and not go! Second, the gas we generally fill up and the gas pipeline to Europe pull, as here already mentioned - again, not in order to was any no rent for all citizens or for retirees. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\potet to Your question is this: just lucky, receiving the rent has already been "selected" - or rather, they appointed themselves and to share with anyone else will not.
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