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Why can`t unravel the mystery of death group djatlova? Mystic?

"Can not solve" the mystery for the most part journalists, publicists and authors mockumentary films. Who want once again prohibits on the incident. Of course, the real reason (the shear layer of snow, cut during the installation of the tent) they are not inspiring. \r\n\r\jurnalistam and other "experts" bring the same mystique. Bigfoot, demons, aliens, elves, creatures from a parallel world. Or something spicier: a maniac who for some devilry suffered in the tundra; bandits, three months in hiding after escape in the wilderness; poachers (this is the place where the game is obviously not!). Or "horrorsof-commandos staged a cleanup unwanted witnesses" landing zero astronaut/test nuclear rockets/portal to a parallel world)\r\n\r\drank a Rakitin, get more oak conspiracy.\r\n\r\ppljus there is also a community of people who almost all his life to dedicate to "the secret" (TM). But the law of the genre, like all "supernatural hunters" (TM) mystery of all time where-that escapes...\r\n\r\NIN General, I can not unravel, only those who do not want to do!
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