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What is known about the Murad Kasimov, how old, biography, photos?

Murad Kasimov is the culprit of the accident, which occurred on 24 February in Saint-Petersburg on Nevsky prospect. Murad on the BMW X6 car drove onto the sidewalk and hit pedestrians, killing a US citizen Todd Crowell and Muscovite Yevgeny Kornienkova.\r\n\r\izvestno that Murad Kasimov was born in 1989, the year in Azerbaijan, at the moment he is thirty. It is known that Murad sells beautiful car numbers. According to information presented in the media, he lives in St. Petersburg since 2010.\r\n\r\izvestno that in 2018 Murad Kasimov was deprived of the driving license.\r\n\r\prize presented his picture:
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