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Does eating avocados for arthritis joints?

Avocado, of course, fruit that is worthy of attention, there is nothing to say about his favor was written long ago and many. And digestion improves, the cardiovascular system helps and vitamins in it full of all sorts and in large quantities, about minerals and can not speak, zinc and phosphorus, iron and potassium, copper and manganese it also has antioxidant it is and the vision improves. Useful on all sides, it does not turn. Helps the whole body to be afloat and not drown. As well as helps the body, something that will help with arthritis. No more.\r\n\r\nedavno stumbled upon a transmission from doctor Myasnikov, just about arthritis. The predictions relative to this disease, is very disappointing. And the meds from arthritis said that destroy our health and about chondroprotectors, and about the jelly, and about psyllium and about etc about etc.\r\n\r\plywood did only one, arthritis with you forever! Medicines can relieve you from it, no. Follow the food and move more, eating joints only happens in motion and nothing else. By the way, he offered a very good pain reliever that is arthritis, what really surprised me, it is the usual paracetamol.
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