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Why during meditation yawn?

Yaroslav,\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\psemata during meditation is a common phenomenon that is described in the books.\r\n\r\TL when sent meditating in the past, always warned them that\r\n\r\pride than they will see some kind of episode, they will have to pozivati.\r\n\r\psemata - a common symptom of a subconscious memory, if\r\n\r\pona filled with negativity that this memory wants to push it out.\r\n\r\obychno people yawn 3-5 minutes, and suddenly sees images of the past with\r\n\r\prossimi problems.\r\n\r\prosmotr these episodes - the usual practice of type of psychoanalysis.\r\n\r\pamati keeps record of all the sensations as it was.\r\n\r\zanimatsya these views better on the therapy or therapist.\r check this to myself to clean, need to be trained, because\r\n\r\pogrugenie in their negativity turns off the awareness, and\r\n\r\pbez her purification will not go.
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