At Vova the cards are twice more, than at Oleg, and at Kolya 3 times bigger, than at Vova. Draw the scheme which meets the case and answer questions: a) How much does Kolya have more cards, than at Oleg? b) How much does Oleg have less cards, than at Vova? c) How much does Vova have less cards, than at Kolya?

X - quantity of cards at Oleg 2*kh - quantity of cards at Vova 3*2*kh =6*kh - quantity of cards at Kolya a) to draw an arrow up (from Kolya to Oleg) 6*kh/x =6 times - Kolya has more cards, than at Oleg b) to draw an arrow down (from Oleg to Vova) 2*kh/x =2 times - at Oleg of cards less, than at Vova c) to draw an arrow down (from Vova to Kolya) 6*kh/2*kh =3 times - Vova has less cards, than at Kolya A) 3*2=6 (times) - the answer B) Esli at Vova is twice more, Oleg has twice less, than at Vova. - the answer
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