Hours of Valya lag behind for 7 minutes, but she considers that the watch is fast for 3 minutes. Hours of Vanya hurry for 2 minutes, however he thinks that they lag behind for 8 minutes. Friends agreed to meet at 5:00 in the evening who will appear earlier at the destination and for how many minutes? A. Wan on 20 B. Wal on 20 V. Wan on 10 G. Wal on 10

And that and that will come at 15:54 because: Yura: he thinks that if comes at 17:02, then it will come exactly at 17:00, but actually the watch is slow for 8 minutes, he means from 17:02 to deductions of 8 minutes, it means will come at 16:54 onologichno too most will occur also from tracks)
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