I give 30 points! Hello! I study in the 6th class and I very need your help! I hope that I after all will find it! The story In BAD SOCIETY also should be written on it the composition reasoning with the epigraph on a subject: An episode of the story of V.G. Korolenko "In bad society" which made the strongest impression on me"

This work zachtayit me to think of many important things. The author makes think on friendship, love, good, forces to empathize, sympathize with young heroes, their nelegey life full of deprivations. The author represents a difficult life of urban poor in tsarist Russia, with tenderness and love writes about children. such small book, such small and deep history. I do not know what comments are necessary at acquaintance to this book. I am sure that each who wants to become a person all poymetv the story by V.G. Korolenko "In bad society " it is told about the boy Vasya. It had very remote relations with the father. Its most part did not love for the fact that he did not like to be with the high-ranking people, having preferred "bad society ". Once he got acquainted with the brother and the sister children of Tyburtion-vazhnogo of the person in "bad society ". Kogda their father learns about it, he accepts Vasya as the. The daughter Tyburtion gets sick and Vasya asks a doll from the sister to give it to the sick girl. Soon loss is found, but Vasya does not give the friends. Then Tyburtsy itself comes with a doll, reports about everything to the Vasiny father. Also he says that his daughter died. It becomes very a shame to Vasya's father and between them that proximity and trust is established that so was not enough for them. I consider the boy Vasya free from all social restrictions. He is a kind and light boy, the good friend on whom it is possible to rely. Such people are lucky in life. Their misfortunes are avoided, it is pleasant to everyone to communicate with the good and understanding person. Comments to Note violation 41,441
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