Two skiers left the settlement at the same time and went in opposite directions. One of them went with an average speed of 12 km/h another 10km/h in how many hours distance between them there will be 44 km? What distance will the skier pass during this time? To SOLVE the PROBLEM AND to MAKE 2 TASKS by the RETURN THESE T.E. Main objective And 2 WAYS

1).+ 10=22 (km/h.) - the speed of removal,

2).44: 22=2 (h) - the distance between them will be 44 km,

3).12 * 2=24 (km.) - the first skier,

4).10 * 2=20 will come (km.) - there will pass the second skier Answer: 20 km 1 way hope helped!!!

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