Find to each phrase from the left column the phrases suitable on sense from the right column compare the options of 20 liters a minute the speed of the movement of 8 details an hour the speed of pouring out of 11 kilometers per second the speed of filling of 30 words a minute the speed of expenditure of 1200 rubles a month the speed of the letter of 10 kg a week the speed of work of 400 signs a minute the speed of accumulation of 20 cubic meters a day print speed


1.20 liters a minute a pouring out skrost.

of 2.8 details in an hour work speed

of 3.11 kilometers per second. speed of the movement

4.30 of words in a minute. letter speed

of 5.1200 rubles a month accumulation speed.

of 6.10 kg a week expenditure speed.

of 7.400 signs in a minute. print speed

of 8.20 cubic meters a day filling speed.

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