From two settlements distance between which 96 km, two riders left at the same time towards each other. Speed of the movement of the first 15 km. h second 17 km. h. In how many hours the riders will meet; 2. Make orally according to each schematic drawing a task, the return to a task 1, and solve it, writing down expression. (3 tasks)

1) 96: (15+17) =3(ch) answer: in 3 h they will meet 2) 1 task. Two planes took off from two airports for an identical name. speed of the first-700km. h, speed of the second-800km. h in how many h they will meet if distance between them 3000 km. 3000: (800+700) The 2nd task. two the city were left by two buses. speed of the first-60km. h, the second-50km. h. Through what time they will meet if between them 330 km. 330: (60+50) The 3rd task. two cities were left by 2 trains. speed of the first-80km. h, the second-90km. h through what time they will meet if between them 340 km. 340: (80+90)
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