! HELP URGENTLY .POZHALUYSTA! Length of a rectangle is 3 times more party of a square, and width - is 5 cm less than the party of a square. Find the party of a square if its area is 50 cm² less than the area of a rectangle. Help to solve please. And if it is possible, then the full decision, t.e "Let x.... " well or that that similar. In advance, bolshooooy thank you. Very urgently it is necessary.! HELP URGENTLY .POZHALUYSTA!

X - the party of a square of the 3rd * (x-5) - x²=50 the 3rd²-15х - x²=50 the 2nd² - the 15th-50=0 x = (15± √ 225+4*2*50)/2*2=(15+25)/4 =10 cm of Proverk: 30*5-100=50 cm² of Answer: party of a square of 10 cm
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