I ask, it is very necessary, srooooooochno. Help. Length of a rectangle is 3 times more party of a square, and width - is 5 cm less than the party of a square. Find the party of a square if its area is 50 cm² less than the area of a rectangle.

Let party of a square and. Rectangle length 3a, width and-5 the Area of a square а^2, the area of a rectangle 3a * (and-5) the Equation а^2+50=3а (and-5) а^2+50=3а^2-15а 2а^2-15а-50=0 D=225+400=625 =25*25 and = (15+-25)/4 and =10 or and =-2.5, cannot be less than 0th Answer: 10 cm party of a square
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