Children help please.... it is necessary to solve it a problem: length of one party of a rectangle is 8 cm more than length of another what length of the greater side can if perimeter of this rectangle less than 32 smz your answer huge I am grateful to Union of Right Forces ♡♡♡♡

1 parties x the 2nd party x +8 Perimeter of lt; 32 cm Mean x can be 1 1+8=9 (1+9)*2=20 If x =2 2+8=10 (2+10)*2=24 If x =3 3+8=11 (3+11)*2=28 If x =4 4+8=12 (4+12)*2=32 (perimeter less than 32) follow from this that x there can be only lt; 4 Answer: there can be a greater side of 9,10,11 cm.
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