The area of a rectangle is equal 133 см^2. Find the parties of a rectangle if it is known that one of them is 5 cm more than the doubled other party.

The area with a length of the parties of an and b is equal to a*b=133. a+5=2*b ⇒a * (0.5*a+2.5) =133⇒0.5*a²+2.5*a-133=0. We solve a quadratic equation D=2.5²+4*0.5*133=272.25/the Roots a1=-2.5+ √ 272.25=14 cm and a2=-2.5-√ 272.25=-19 cm - a foreign root, length cannot be negative. Length of one party is equal and =14 cm. Length of the second party of b=133/a=133/14=9.5 see Proverk: the area is equal 14*9.5=133-truly! Answer: 14 cm and 9.5 cm.
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