To think up other end to the story the upstart only think up please about 8-9 offers

After sorok dragged off a stone to watch ours lyubimitseystat twice more interestingly. The dog some feeling understood, chtosorok will not leave her alone. Vyyushka ran all over around the box as she budtoiskat the place - where it is possible to hide a bone. But did not find the reliable place. Tried to bury a bone about a porch, but the earth was densely stamped to Ina gave in to her paws. In the opinion of a dog there was such sad expression that even we felt sorry for her. After some thought of Vyyushk podoshlapryamo to my legs and a nose began to podpikhivat a stone directly under a moyunoga. At the same time she as it seemed to me, mischievously glanced at forty - well, try, get !!
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