"The cyclist and the motorcyclist go towards each other with speeds according to 20 km/h and 40 km/h. Now between them 180 km. At what distance from each other will they be in 2 h? Through what is the time they will meet

We learn their speed of rapprochement: We Learn 20+40=60 (km/h) how many they will pass in 2 hours: We Learn 60*2-120 (km) how many they will need to pass: We Learn 180-120=60 (km) through how many they will meet: 180:60=3 (h) Answer: in 2 hours they will be at distance of 60 km from each other, and will meet in 3 hour.1) 20+40=60 (km/h) - the speed of rapprochement 2) 60•2=120 (km) - in 2 hours 3)180:60=3(ch) - Answer's time: In 2 hours they will be at distance of 120 km, they will meet in 3 hours
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