Solve a problem. The city And at 8 o'clock in the morning left the truck with a speed 32km/h, and at 11 o'clock in the afternoon after it the bus with a speed 56km/h left. In what time and at what distance from the city And the bus will catch up with the truck?

1) 56-32=24 (km/h) a difference in the speed of the bus and truck 2) 11-8=3 (hours) for this time later bus 3 left) 32 x 3=96 (km) were passed by the truck before bus 4 left) 96/24=4 (hours) during this time the bus caught up with the truck of 5) 11+4=15 (hours) the bus at this time caught up with the truck of 6) 56*4=224 (km) at such distance from the city caught up with the Answer truck: at 15 o'clock on rasstoyanii224km
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