From Paragraph A in Paragraph B between which distance of 250 km, the bus left. An hour later after it the car which pribul in Paragraph B for 40 min. before the bus left. Calculate the average speed of the movement of the bus (in km/h) if it is known that it by 1.5 times is less than average speed of the car.

On a statement of the problem the bus was in on about 1 way the hour and 40 minutes are more, than the car. 1 hour +40 min. =1+2/3=5/3 hours. Let the speed of the bus be equal x. Then the speed of the car is equal 1.5kh. Let's work out the equation: 250/x - 250/1.5 x =5/3; (250*1.5 - 250)/1.5 x =5/3; 125/1.5kh =5/3; 1.5kh*5=125*3; 7.5kh =375; x =50. Answer: speed of the bus is equal to 50 km/h
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