The task 1 Katya ran 40 meters for 10 sec., and Mischa ran 200 meters in 30 seconds. Define on how many meters per second the average speed of Katya was lower, than the average speed of Mischa. Note: In case the answer represents a common fraction, write down fractional line in the form in a look "/" in a separate section of the form. Task 2: The raft sent from pier And, in 8 hours reaches B. Rasstoyaniye's pier between piers equally in 24 km. For what time will the motor boat from pier And reach pier of B if own speed of the boat of 10 km/h? Calculate: (7-18) (-12+34) – 33;

40:10=4 (m/s) Katya's speed is 200:30=6 2/3 (m/s) Mischa's speed is 6 2/3-4=2 2/3 (m/s) of Answer: Katya's speed the speed of a raft or speed of a current 2 2/3 m/s lower than Mischa's speed of 24:8=3 (km/h) is 10+3=13 (km/h) boat speed on a current (from And to B) 24:13=1 11/13 (h) Answer: from And the boat will reach B in 1 11/13 hours (7-18)(-12+34)-33=-11*22-33=-242-33=-275
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