Find acceleration of a point in the specified timepoints if the speed of the point moving rectilinearly is set by the equation: 1) v=t^2+t-1, t=3 2) to s= a root from t, t=1 3) s=t^2+11t+30, to t=3 of children help pozh I give much балов®™

A-acceleration, m/s² a s-way, v-m the speed, m/s derivative of speed on time is an acceleration. Derivative of a way on time - speed. 1) and (t) of =v (t) =2t+1 and (3)=2*3+1=7 m/s² 2) s= √ t v(t)=s (t)=½*1/√ t a(t)=v (t)=½ *-½*1/√ t) / t=-1 / (4*t * √ t) and (1)=1 / (4*1 * √ 1)=1/4 (minus is lowered, minus meant delay) 3) s=²+11t+30 v(t)=s(t) =2*t+11 acceleration is continuous a(t)=v(t)=2, does not depend on time.
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