Find values of expression: a) 16.5-a at a=8.7 b) m+2n at m=1 whole 1/3, n=5/6 2) Write down the answer to a task question in the form of alphabetic expression: a) The kilogram of potatoes costs an of rub and the kilogram of onions costs rub b. How much are 3 kg of potatoes and 2 kg of onions? b) Mischa in a collection had an of brands. He gave to the friend of b of brands, and bought from brands. How many brands became at Mischa?

1) a) 16.5-8.7=7.8 b) 1 1/3+2(5/6) = 3 2) a) 3 kg of potatoes cost 3a 2 kg of a-b+ca onions 2b 3a+2b b)) 16.5-8.7=7.8 b) 1 (whole) 1/3+2*5/6=1 (whole) 1/3+3*5=1 (whole) 1/3+15=16 (whole) 1/3 2.a) 3a +2b b) and - + with
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