Distance of 27 m? km? m of 300 km 120 m; time? h 8 days of 95 pages 5ch. 15 min.: speed is 3 m/hour 90km/days 7m/with? km/h? m/min. formulas:

Speed. Time. Distance 24km/h 5ch. km 60km / parts of 120 km of km/h. 5 h 180 km 1 task For 5 h the bus passed 24 km/h. Find bus distance. The 2nd task Speed of aircraft 60km/ch. distance of 120 km. Find time for which the plane will fly by from a point And to V.'s point the 3rd task From the settlement to the city of 180 km. The car will reach to the city for 5 h what speed of the car It can is necessary to do it
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