In two tanks there were 30 t of gasoline. After from each tank sold at 6 t, in the first the tank was twice Bol she gasoline what in the second. How many tons of gasoline were in each tank originally. On actions pzh

1) Became 30-(2*60)=18 in 2 tanks 2) 18:3+6=12-was in the 2nd tank 3) 2*6+6=18-was in 1 tank

x +6 in one tank

of the 2nd +6 in another a tank

of All was 30 l

x +6+2kh +6=30;

of the 3rd =30-12;

of the 3rd =18;

x =18:3;

x =6;


6+6=12 (l was in one tank);

2*6+6=18 (the tank was l in another)


: on 12 and 18 l of gasoline was in tanks originally

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