Urgently I beg you help Olya presented to mom a cloth. The cloth has the form of a rectangle which length of 150 cm. Olya sheathed edges of a cloth a fringe, having spent 460 cm. Whether it is possible to lay this cloth a rectangular table which length of 12 dm, and the area of 120 square dm.

Total length of all parties of a cloth of 460 cm 1) (460-150*2): 2=80 cm - cloth width the Area of a cloth is equal to the work of length and width and consequently we will find width, having divided the area of a table into length: 2) 120:12=10 dm - width of a table are 12 dm = 120 cm 10 dm = 100 cm 150gt; 120 - length of a cloth is more than length of a table 80lt; 100 - width of a cloth is less than width of a table the ANSWER : the cloth will not cover a table
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