From two settlements between which distance of 360 km, at the same time towards two motorcyclists each other left and met in 4 hours. Speed of the first motorcyclist 48km/h. At what speed did the second motorcyclist drive? At what distance from each other there were motorcyclists in 3 h after departure?

1) 360:4=90 (km/h) - the sum of speeds of motorcyclists 2) 90-48=42 (km/h) - the speed of the second motorcyclist 3) 48*3=144 (km) - were passed by the first in 3 hours 4) 42*3=126 (km) - passed the second in 3 hours of 5)360-(144+126)=360-270=90 (km) - distance between motorcyclists in 3 hours after a start of motion
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