Ask a question so that the problem was solved in two actions. The girl interwove into a wreath of 27 red colors, white is 9 more, than red, and yellow is 6 times less, than white. How much...?

IT is SOLVED AS WELL AS THIS! Raise a question so that the problem was solved by two actions; solve a problem. 1. 12 birches, and rowans 4 times smaller grew in the schoolyard. 2. On the first floor of school of 9 educational rooms, and on the second is 2 more. 3. On construction 10 carpenters worked at home, and razv it is more painters in 2 1. How many trees were together 2. How many educational rooms on two floors 3. How many people worked at building IF THAT NOT CLEAR ADD THAT AS a FRIEND, THERE I WILL EXPLAIN EVERYTHING !
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