Help to solve please 2 problems today it is necessary ladies of 12 points! b) One settlement at the same time in opposite directions was left by the cyclist and the motorcyclist. Speed of the cyclist is 13 km/h, the motorcyclist's speed - in 5 times more. Through what time will the distance between them be 156 km? c) The camp of geological prospectors was left by the off-roader with a speed of 30 km/h. In 2 h after it other off-roader was sent. At what speed does he have to drive to catch up with the first in 4 h after the exit?

Resheniye: 1) 13*5=65 (km/h) - the speed of the motorcyclist 2) 13+65=78 (km/h) - the general speed 3)156:78=2(ch) of Answer: in 2 hours (Forgive, I only solved the first)
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