In shop there are 56 kg of caramel of three grades: with strawberry, with raspberry and with blackcurrant. Find the mass of caramel with blackcurrant if caramel with strawberry was by 3 time, and caramel with raspberry - in 6 times more, than caramel with blackcurrant. If it is desirable to solve on actions, then help please thanks in advance!

1 part of caramel with emergency, 3 parts of caramel with strawberry, 6 parts of caramel with raspberry. 1+3+6 = = 5.6 kg - one part (with blackcurrant) we Will designate 10 parts of everything 56:10 for x the mass of caramel with blackcurrant Then of caramel with strawberry of the 3rd And caramel with raspberry of the 6th 3 +6th + x =56 10th =56 x =5.6 (kg) of Answer: 5.6 kg
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