Solve a problem with a condition. The economy was sent to vegetable warehouses by 3 cars with cabbage in the first day and 8 same loaded cars in the second day. In the second day is sent to 15 t of cabbage more. How many tons of cabbage are sent in the second day?

It is necessary to learn how many tons of cabbage are located in one car. Let's accept this size for x. In the first day took away 3 tons. In the second day took away the 8th tons, and it is 15 more, than in the first day. Let's work out the equation: the 8th - 15 = 3 5th = 15 x = 3 (cabbage tons in one car) In the second day were taken away by 8 cars, and these are 8 * 3 = 24 tons. Answer: 24
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