From two piers at the same time towards two boats each other sailed. In 5 h they met. With what speed did each boat go if the speed of one by 12 miles/h is more than the speed of another, and distance between piers of 440 miles?

Let the speed of one x, then at another x-12 miles/h x + x-12=2kh-12 on a condition (2kh-12) *5=440 2kh-12=88 2 =100 x =50 miles/h - the speed of one boat of x-12=50-12=38 miles/h - the speed of other boat if distance of 440 miles to divide the speed of their rapprochement into time of 5 h, then we will receive the speed of rapprochement of boats of 440:5=88 miles/h if 88-12=76 miles/h are a speed of rapprochement on condition of identical speeds of boats 76:2= 38 of miles/h - the speed of one boat but at another speed 12 - 38+12= above than 50 miles/h
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