Dana 3 various figures not equal 0. Let's write out the various two-digit numbers formed by these figures in decimal notation each of which there are no identical figures. The sum of the written-out numbers is equal to 154. What is the greatest of these figures equal to?

Let's designate numbers as X, Y, Z. Two-digit numbers will be such: 10*X + Y; 10*X + Z 10*Y + X; 10*Y + Z 10*Z + X; 10*Z + Y Sum of numbers = 154 Means truly that X (10+10+1+1) + Y(1+10+10+1+1) + = 154 22(X+Y+Z) = 154 X+Y+Z = to 7 Us know Z(1+1+10+10) that figures various and are not equal to zero, the only three of figures means it is (1,2,4). The greatest of them 4 of Answer - 4
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