Draw three squares. The area of the first S1-1 of sq. cm, the second S2-4 of sq. cm of the third S3-16 of sq. cm Execute multiple comparison of the areas of the constructed squares (S1,S2,S3) and multiple comparison of their perimeters (P1,P2,P3)

S3gt; S1 by 16:1=16 times of S3gt; S2 by 16:4=4 times of S2gt; S1 in 4:1=4raz a1=1 cm a2=2sm a3=4 cm are the parties of squares of R1=1*4=4 cm R2=2*4=8sm of R3=4*4=16 cm of P3gt; P1 by 16:4=4 times of P3gt; P2 by 16:8=2 times of P2gt; P1 by 8:4=2 times
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