Help please we deliver suitable units of time instead of points we live 21 trains was the 48th plane flew to ways the 3rd duration of lesson 45 the pupil passed the distance equal of 60 km for 38 Answer the following questions in what month we we Celebrate the Day of the republic in what month we Celebrate the Constitution day in what month we Celebrate the Victory Day

Let the first part of a way to a delay at a semaphore the locomotive followed according to the schedule. I.e. all delay just is also 10 min. =1/6 hours. To a delay the locomotive passed 200*0.45=90 km Means it was necessary to pass to it 200-90=110 km Let the initial speed of a locomotive was x km/h. Then, following with this speed it would pass 110 km during hours. Making up for the schedule, it moved with a speed (x+5) of km/h. Also overcame these 110 km during hours. According to a condition I.e. we receive the equation Here its darling and we will solve. ₂ we reject root x. And here x ₁ quite suits us. ANSWER: Initial speed of a locomotive is equal to 55 km/h
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