Length of the squared site is equal to 84 m width 28 One chetvertouch the part of the site is occupied with parsley and the one sixth part of the remained site - fennel. Find land area not on occupied with parsley and fennel. SOLVE PLEASE I WILL be GRATEFUL ALSO POINTS 30!

28×84=2352. 2352×0.25=588. 2352-588=1764. 1764/6=294. 1764-294=1470. answer: 1470.1) 84×28=2352(m) the area 2)2352÷4×1=588(m) parsley 3) 2352-588=1764(m) the remained site 4) 1764÷6×1=294(m) fennel 4) 2352-588-294=1470 (m) Answer: 1470 meters not the busy area not parsley, not fennel.
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