Kak to solve these 2 problems and please in 1 task make short record both in brackets of an explanation and behind brackets: 1) Vanya lectured 100 seeds of oats and seeded them in boxes. For the 6th day sprouted 22 grains. for 7 day of 18 grains, for the 8th day 3 times bigger, than on 7 put Other grains did not sprout. How many grains did not sprout? 2) If to give to a cow daily 6 kg of hay, then there will last reserve of hay for 14 days. For how many days this reserve of hay will be enough if to a cow of 7 kg of hay a day

Counted 100z the sixth day 22z the seventh day 18z the eighth day 18*3 how many did not sprout - 18*3=54z sprouted for the 8th day 100-22-18-54=6 z. did not sprout the answer 6 z. did not sprout a cow eats 6 kg of hay a day a stock on 14dn, how many a stock - for how many days there will be enough stock in 14 days if to give to a cow 7 kg - 6*14=84kg for 14 days 84:7=12dney the answer will be enough hay for 12 days
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