Lena, Ira, Rita and Zina — sisters. To them 3, 8, 12 and 14 years (it is unknown, to whom how many). It turned out that the sum of age of Rita and Ira is divided into 44, and Rita and Zina — on 55. How many years to Lena?

Lena - of Rite-12 of years that is Ira turns out years 8 years on what-12+8=20 20:4=5-20 shares 12+14=26, and 26 on 5 do not share that is to Zina there are not 14 years 3 years on the fact that 12+3=15 15:5=3-15 Answer shares turn out to Zina: To Lena-14 of years.
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