Width of a rectangle is 3 times less than length. Find the area of a rectangle if its perimeter is equal to 56 m.

To find the area of a rectangle it is necessary to increase two of its different parties. S=ab width let will be X, and then length 3X since length is more than width by 3 times. And to find rectangle perimeter, it is necessary for 2 (a+b) Now we work out the equation, leaning on a perimeter formula. Let's write down the equation 2(3X + X) = 56; 2 to increase by 4X = 56; 8X = 56; ò = That is width of a rectangle is equal 7, and length 3 to increase by 7 = 21 Then we find the area. The area = 21 to increase on 7 = 147smpust length and then width (and / 3) P=2 perimeter (and + and means/3)=56, and =21 it is length, then width of 7 centimeters the area then 21*7=147
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