. In the first day potatoes were removed from the area of 17.8 hectares that is 2.3 hectares less, than in the second day, and 3.2 hectares more, chemv the third day. From what square potatoes were removed vchetverty day if for all four days he was moved away from the area of 70 hectares?

1 day of 17.8 hectares 2 day of 17.8+2.3=20.1 hectares 3 day of 17.8-3.2=14.6 hectares 4 day of 70-17.8-20.1-14.6=17.5 hectares

1) 17.8+2.3=20.1ga-in the second day.

2)17.8-3.2=14.6ga-v the third day.

3) in three days.

4)70-52.5=17.5ga-v the fourth day.

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