Two planes took off from airfield for one and too time in opposite directions In 10 min. after a departure distance between them was 270 km the First plane flew with an average speed 15km/mines With what speed the second plane flew Make and solve the return problem

Let the speed of the second plane - x km/min., then distance speed for a minutu*kolichestvo of minutes (10) = a ratoyaniye (270). Well, and the speed of a distance is equal to a bag of speeds of planes. Sotavim equation: (15+ x) *10=270 I we will solve it. At first we will remove the brackets: 15*10+ h*10=270 150+10kh =270 we Will transfer 150 to other party: =270-150 the 10th =120 A we will transfer the 10th 10 to other party now: x =120 / 10 x =12 km/min. - the speed of the second plane. Answer: 12 km/min.
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