Vasya and Seryozha received the big task on mathematics consisting from equally quantity of tasks for the summer. After Vasya Reshil of 110 problems, and Seryozha – 158 tasks, Vasya it was necessary to solve five times more problems, than Seryozha. How many problems does each boy during the summer have to solve?

X - Seryozha needed to solve the 5th - Vasya needed to solve 158+ x - set to Seryozha 110+5kh - set to Vasya 158+ x = 110+5kh 5kh-x =158-110 of the 4th =48 x =48/4 x =12 158+12 = 170 tasks set to Seryozha 5*12=60+110 = 170 tasks set VaseSto ten plus 158 is equal 260 wait a minute do not write give now I will think
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