Task: Moscow and from Tver to St. Petersburg on one of the same highway was left at the same time by 2 cars: from Moscow automobile, and from Tver cargo. Speed of the lorry is 50 km/h. The Kakovaskorost of the passenger car if it caught up cargo in 7 h after departure? (between. of 168 km) Help to solve please

1) 7*50=350 (km) - were passed by the truck from Tver in 7 hours. 2) 350+168=518 (km) - were passed by the car from Moscow to Tver. 3) 518:7=74 (km/h) - car speed. Answer: 74 km. h OR so still: 1) 168:7=24 (km/h). 2) 24+50=74 (km/h) - the speed of the passenger car. Answer: 74 km. h
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