To solve a problem to the equations. task. In 3 hours the motorcyclist comes the same distance, as the cyclist in 4 hours. What distance they pass if the speed of the cyclist is 10 km/h less than the motorcyclist's speed

Let the speed of the cyclist - x, then the motorcyclist's speed - x +10. On a condition it is given that h*4= (x +10)*3. There was also an equation from one unknown. Let's solve it: 1) at first we will remove the brackets: the 4th = h*3+10*3 4 =3rd +30 2) we will transfer all unknown to one party, and the rest to another: 4kh-3kh =30 1 =30 x =30 km/h - the speed of the cyclist. 30*4=120 km - required distance. Answer: 120 km
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